Top 10’s: Iron Maiden

One of the greatest and most consistent bands, not just in metal but music in general, there are so many incredible songs to choose from when it comes to deciding upon a top 10 from this band. Although my list mainly contains tracks from their ‘golden era’ (1980-1988), there is so much quality material beyond... Continue Reading →

Top 10’s: AC/DC

The Scottish/Australian giants of rock have been one of the most consistent bands in all of music since the release of their debut single in 1974. It’s fair to say you know what you’re getting anytime they see fit to release new music. Still capable of putting out really strong records (check out last year’s... Continue Reading →

Top 10’s: Led Zeppelin

One of the giants of rock, the forefathers of heavy metal and one of the most consistently great bands across a ten year recording existence. Everyone knows a Zeppelin song, even if you don’t realise what you’re hearing is them. Still immensely popular to this day and constantly gathering new fans each and every year,... Continue Reading →

Top 10’s: Metallica

Alongside The Beatles, these guys are in the running for my favourite band ever. I’ve listened to everything they’ve ever released, bought albums and singles on multiple formats, watched vhs tapes/DVD’s of concert performances and documentaries and seen them live three times. To pick my ten favourite songs is a tall task but after much... Continue Reading →

Top 10’s: Aerosmith

This is the first entry in my top 10’s posts. The title pretty much speaks for itself but just to outline - I’ll pick an artist/genre and review my ten favourite songs. As always everything is based on personal opinion. We start with the mighty Aerosmith. If you only know these guys as the band... Continue Reading →

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