Discography Reviews – No. 1 – Slayer

There are a number of bands that I have listened to absolutely everything by (excluding live releases, unless significant). I aim to post as many discography reviews as possible, concentrating on studio albums by each artist with mentions made to any miscellaneous stuff I think is worth a listen. We start with the mighty Slayer,... Continue Reading →

The Birthday Massacre

I wanted to post about The Birthday Massacre as they are fresh on my mind. I've just found out they released a new album last year and I didn't even know about it. Or maybe I forgot. Either way it pissed me off a little. When I first discovered this band I devoured everything they... Continue Reading →

Poppy – “Eat”

"Aha! That Poppy." You say with a knowing smile. Hah, no. It's just Poppy. I'll admit to not listening to much of her earlier stuff but it didn't really appeal until "I Disagree". I literally listen to at least one song from that album if not more, every day (it's pretty good to work out... Continue Reading →

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