Poppy – “Eat”

“Aha! That Poppy.” You say with a knowing smile.

Hah, no. It’s just Poppy.

I’ll admit to not listening to much of her earlier stuff but it didn’t really appeal until “I Disagree”. I literally listen to at least one song from that album if not more, every day (it’s pretty good to work out to) and I can’t see myself getting bored anytime soon.

Why? Superb fucking sound design for one but I think the main thing that keeps me interested is the mix of styles, often within one song. It’s like listening to two albums or more. We have a bit of metal here, a bit of dance there, slow it right down here, speed it right up there, and it just works.

Which leads me to “Eat”.

Poppy has progressed towards a harder metal sound for a while but she put on a blistering performance for the Grammy awards that deserves more attention. The song is an interesting mix of metal with some touches of EDM. The vocals are amazing. While it’s obvious that she has the help of some electronic distortion, it does nothing to lessen the impact when she screams into the mic.

It’s a hypnotic performance.

This is a woman who means business.

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